Shaping the Future of Closed Loop Lifecycle Management


Lion Benjamins



Lion brings more than four decades of business development experience to Promise Innovation. A production engineer by trade, he is a business process specialist with a strong focus on organisational design in industry.

Born in the Netherlands, Lion is above all an entrepreneur, motivator and lateral thinker. He is currently based in Finland and leads strategic business development and marketing for Promise Innovation. Prior to this he led marketing initiatives for the EU PROMISE project at partner firm Trackway. Lion has experience working in multi-cultural environments in small start-up companies and established multinational organisations.



David Potter

Chief Technical Officer 

  With a diverse skill set spanning technical, project management and consulting expertise, David is leading technical development at Promise Innovation.

He brings 40+ years of experience in information systems to the company as well as a broad range of expertise in logistics solutions, distributed architectures and enterprise management. David established his own consulting practice in 1997 after working for 27 years at IBM, latterly as an IT Architect in the IBM Consulting Group.

Based in the United Kingdom, David chaired the Project Steering Board of the EU PROMISE project in addition to managing the development of one of the project demonstrators. David is also chair of the QLM Work Group at The Open Group.



Dimitris Kiritsis

Director of Research and

Academic Affairs

  Dimitris directs research for Promise Innovation and manages the company’s interaction with the international academic community.

As an associate director of the Computer-Aided Design and Production Laboratory (LICP) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Dimitris was the initiator of the EU PROMISE project that led to the founding of Promise Innovation and oversaw its scientific coordination.

Dimitris, who obtained his Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Patras in his native Greece in 1987, is active in teaching and research in the domain of modelling methods and techniques for integrated product-process-resource planning, product lifecycle information modelling and transformation to knowledge

Richard Diederich

US Business Development


Richard has a broad range of knowledge and experience consisting of technology, business development, organizational and business process development, project management and consulting which has been gained over the last 40+ years. His base interest is finding and implementing solutions to challenging problems, analysis and creative innovations.

He started his professional carrier with IBM and spent 20 years developing a strong foundation of knowledge and experience.  Following IBM he formed a consulting company that employed a cadre of specialized employees providing consulting and implementation services globally. Based in California, Richard has worked closely with David Potter for over 20 years on numerous projects both in the US and Europe.

Advisory Associates


Dr. Jacopo Cassina                 


Jacopo is CEO at Holonix S.r.l., leading the software solutions firm’s work in the fields of Product Lifecycle Management, Maintenance and Logics, Algorithms and Data Management Design.

Jacopo, who received degrees in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D in Management and Industrial Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, was involved with the EU PROMISE project from the start, focusing particularly on Product Data Knowledge Management and Predictive Maintenance.

Holonix is collaborating with Promise Innovation on the development of software diagnostics and predictive maintenance solutions.


Dr. Wolfgang M. Partsch


Wolfgang is a pioneer in Supply Chain Management and an internationally recognized thought leader in this field who has played a key role in the development of many innovative Supply Chain concepts in Europe.

He has experience in integrating and coordinating the entire Supply Chain on an international basis with over one hundred major projects in about 20 countries around the world leading to performance and profit improvements of several billions of Euros.

During 25+ years in international consulting he managed major projects in industries such as consumer products, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and automotive. He held leading positions in global consulting firms including Chairman of the Global Supply Chain Network at Ernst & Young Management Consulting. In addition, he managed for over 14 years his own Supply Chain consulting firm with up to 60 employees. With respect to the high degree of international experience in Supply Chain Management more and more executives were seeking his advice in this field during the last years.

He is author of dozens of Thought Leadership Papers in Supply Chain Management since 1979. He also has co-authored the book “Supercharging Supply Chains - New Ways to Increase Value Through Global Operational Excellence”, which was a best-selling business book published 1998 in USA and 1999 in Japan.

He was invited many times as a speaker at leading conferences around the world in more than 20 countries and was appointed President of the German Association of Material Management in 1990.

In all his conceptual and practical work he has focused on profit and service improvements at the same time using innovative strategic and tactical solutions of global supply chain and logistics management. During the last years he has developed advanced solutions in the rapidly increasing field of Supply Chain Security and Risk Management, where he is an internationally recognized leader.


Reza Razavi                       


Reza founded Ambient Activity Systems Consulting Ltd (AAS), a company specialising in the development of Life-Cycle Management Systems, in Luxembourg in 2007.

Having spent 15 years in the software industry as an entrepreneur, principal investigator, engineer and programmer, Reza saw the opportunity to create tailor-made, activity-driven, lightweight life-cycle management systems.

AAS focuses the development of its systems on jointly analysing the lifecycle management requirements of business products and processes and by implementing those requirements through reusing and extending a dedicated system architecture.

Reza is currently director of research and development at the firm.


Antti Saaksvuori              


Antti is a management consultant focusing on product and service development, product management, product and portfolio strategies as well as service development and service productisation.

The author of a widely acclaimed book on Product Lifecycle Management, Antti has performed consulting work for a variety of companies in industries as diverse as telecommunications, manufacturing and healthcare. He has an engineering degree from Helsinki University of Technology.


John Stark                          


John, President of John Stark Associates, is a management and technology consultant specialising in the areas of Product Development and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

His consultancy assignments are typically focused on improving product innovation, development, sales and support processes with the objective of increasing product value and revenues. In a consulting career spanning 20 years, he has worked with more than 100 companies, including BMW, Coca-Cola, HP, IBM, Renault, and Xerox.

John is the author of a dozen books about product development, manufacturing and information systems in the manufacturing industry. He is also the editor of 2PLM, the leading newsletter in the PLM field.