PROMISE PLM - New Generation Lifecycle Management

"Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), enables a company to manage its products all the way across their lifecycles in the most effective way. It helps companies get products to market faster, provide better support for their use, and manage end-of-life better. In today's highly competitive global markets, companies must meet the increasing demands of customers to rapidly and continually improve their products and services. PLM meets these needs, extending and bringing together previously separate fields such as Computer Aided Design, Product Data Management, Sustainable Development, Digital Manufacturing, Enterprise Resource Planning, Life Cycle Analysis and Recycling."

Product Lifecycle Management: 21st century Paradigm for Product Realisation - John Stark

Making the right decision begins with having the right information

Main Challenges in closing the information gap:

 Capturing Product Lifecycle data troughout all phases of product life

  • Bringing together fragmented data held in disparate systems whilst people needing the data are themselves distributed
  • Processing data and converting to knowledge and decision support
  • Integrating people, processes, and information beyond traditional and organisational boundaries
  • Dynamics of extended enterprise
  • Resistance to "sharing" information (Information is Power)
  • Cost, complexity and infrastructure platform of PLM

The PROMISE EU project focused on gathering, processing and delivering relevant product information during the complete lifecycle of the product, addressing existing gaps in the information flow and creating better understanding of total life cycle events and the total costs of products over the lifecycle.

By feeding product critical information back to the earlier design and production phases and forwards to the appropriate intervention areas PROMISE gives key players effective instruments to create better services and add value to the composite product.

The breakthrough contribution of PROMISE is to allow information flow management to go beyond organisational barriers, securely. It effectively closes the product lifecycle information loops using the latest ICT (Information and Communication Technology), and seamlessly transforms that information into knowledge.

New generation Information Tracking and Flow Management systems allow all actors involved in the product’s lifecycle (managers, designers, service and maintenance operators, recyclers, etc.) to track, manage and control lifecycle information at any phase of the product lifecycle at any time and from any location.