Lifecycle Management and Information Tracking using Smart Embedded Systems

Promise Innovation is the direct result of work started by a consortium of 22 key partners brought together by the PROMISE project.
PROMISE was started in 2004 as an EU funded FP6 project and endorsed by IMS (Intelligent Manufacturing Systems). It brought together a large international partnership involving five IMS regions: EU, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and USA. This integration of research efforts with common or similar objectives contributes to develop synergies at many levels.
The PROMISE project focused on gathering, processing and delivering relevant product information during the complete lifecycle of the product, addressing existing gaps in the information flow, creating better understanding of the total life cycle and actual costs of products over the lifecycle. At the outset, the project was initially focused on RFID as an identification technology.
By feeding product critical information back to the earlier design and production phases and forwards to the appropriate intervention areas PROMISE gives key players effective instruments to create better services and add value to the composite product.
New generation information tracking and flow management systems allow all actors involved in the product’s lifecycle (managers, designers, service and maintenance operators, recyclers, etc.) to track, manage and control lifecycle information at any phase of the product lifecycle at any time and from any location.

The Project was officially recognised as an example of a successful IST project and ended in May 2008.

Promise Innovation International is the direct result of this cooperation and continues to work with many original project partners as well as forging new relationships with expert technology and service providers worldwide to provide industry and society with the benefits of applying Closed Loop Lifecycle Management.