Combining Multiple Technologies and Disciplines to Close the Information Loops

PROMISE Concepts are the result of a combined investment of more than 1600 man months, by some 60 researchers from 22 different European enterprises and research organisations.
Best understood as what it is not, PROMISE is neither tied to a specific technology nor vendor, and it can impact all sectors of industry without having to be introduced all at once.

PROMISE has found practical applications in multiple industries and proven its economic justification through a number of reference implementations.

It is a modular system enabled by the PROMISE architecture. Standards based, it allows existing technologies and systems to be used in defining specific solutions through specified interfaces.

“What sets PROMISE apart is that its architecture is modular, which means that different components can be combined without interdependence.
PROMISE combines multiple sensor technologies with automated identification and data capture technologies.
It permits bi-directional communication between products and systems using the most suitable and available communication technologies.
Data can be gathered from existing enterprise systems and combined with item specific data generated elsewhere and converted into knowledge which is used to drive decision support systems