How durable is your competitive advantage?


 Will it still be there tomorrow?

Could any of the benefits achievable with CL2M apply to your business?

  • If your Service department had better information, would they be able to reduce stoppages and breakdowns with condition based maintenance?
  • If your legal department could easily prove compliance with reverse logistics legislations, would that reduce costs?
  • If engineering could better understand whether products still had residual life in them, would that create new business opportunities?
  • Could your marketing people come up with a new business model for used components or remanufacturing?
  • If your Marketing department had better information about how clients used their equipment, what could you do with that?
  • If you could enable sharing of patient information securely and confidentially would that provide better healthcare?
  • If it were possible to cross organisational boundaries and prove supply chain integrity, would that reduce grey markets? Reduce legal liability claims? Improve profits?
  • If your product could tell what to do with itself next. What could YOU do with that?